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A Year Goes Round

Time has come to prepare for a road trip. The Tucson Gem and Mineral Show beckons once again. Every year in early February the promise of sparkly gems and exotic minerals is too hard to resist. The fact that it is almost February again just blows me away. We all know that as we age it seems that each year goes by faster and faster. This year was a particularly momentous one for me.
Over the past year I enjoyed getting acquainted with many new friends, as I spread my wings and flew into early retirement. I moved to a new home and began the routine of being a snowbird. It was a time to move out of places and a time to snug into new ones.

The treasures encountered along the way were the relationships with friends. This year I lost one good friend, a traveller who enjoyed exploration and learning as much as I did. His spirit for adventure will guide me for a long time yet.

The path ahead follows a curvy road. It may not be smooth either. I have seen enough and experienced enough to know t…