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Early Fall is Exhilarating!

Hello Dear Friends! I find this time of year so refreshing and creative. I love the cooler weather and the way the land is revealed to me, as the leaves come down.
First I want to brag about what my better half has been up to.
We had a great day recently with all types of weather coming to visit. That's the day we installed the big wooden frame to the south side of the brand new shed. It can hold 4 panels just as it is, although for now we are installing just two. As you can see from the first shot, the panels are up.

Here is the wider view. of course the scaffolding and ladders are now removed. As I post this news, Mr is wiring up the innards of the system and I hope today we have blinking lights all over the equipment!

And on to things I know more about.....KNITTING.

When a dear friend said she was moving in to a new home, I wanted to celebrate the event with a little housewarming gift. She thought about it for awhile and suggested cushions in light blue. She also indicated …