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Spa day

Here are the hard working crew out for a very deserving spa day. I brought the spinning wheels out from the studio to the deck and clean them all carefully with lemon oil. Inspections were done and a little fine-tuning was performed. Each wheel was put through it's paces for a few minutes after the treatment.
They all look pretty resplendent in the sun, don't they?

This is Lulu, my first Lendrum wheel. I put the merino yarn onto her the other day and Lulu was just having a blast with this fiber. What a fantastic wheel. 

Stevie is the only new wheel I ever bought and is a Kromski brand Minstrel model. Right now it is set up with the plying head. last week I was already plying off some singles that remained here from last year. 

I may not have mentioned this before but this wheel's name is Lina, after the Lithuanian word for linen. It is a very old flax wheel. And the last time I showed her picture around the Antiques group on Ravelry, a few knowledgeable folks thought she …