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get your rocks off

Okay, I know many of you are doubting that I am a geologist. I never write about it here. So here's a few fly by shootings. Once the house is renovated and organized, I'll try to set up my new close up studio. In the meantime, yeah, I have a few rocks and things lying around.
The man in the core is extremely special to me. I found him one day (or he found me) logging core in Northern Manitoba. The rock is an Archean gneiss. It forms the country rock to the deposit we were investigating, and as such, we logged through this stuff with ultimate speed and brevity. But this day I felt that I was no longer alone in the core shack. I looked all around me. Spooked, I checked all the doorways. I came back to the core and for some reason flipped over this piece of core. And there he was. He has travelled with me everywhere since our chance meeting. My little micaceous Mexican.

And I'll make an effort to write some posts about geology. I promise.

Rather than list all the mineral and r…

A Playground for Gaudi

Not so long ago, this magical playground appeared beside the lake near my house. An organic form, rising out of the imported sand, it stunned me when I first saw it.

And today, as I stood there in the raw chill wind, my thoughts raced to the spring when snotty nosed kids would be squealing all over this thing. And a thing it is.

I imagine Antoni Gaudi, the architect of magical designs in Barcelona, would've played here. Born in 1852, his unique approach to architecture is much admired. Three constructions stand out: La Sagrada Familia, a fantastic temple which has been under construction for 126 years and has another 30 to 80 to go!; Park Guell, with it's colourful tiled monster and mushroom like buildings; and the sea inspired apartment Casa Batlo.

Too bad I am goddess sized and can't clamber over these pegs and nets. I may not have ever been small enough to do so... but I digress. We all need such imaginative playgrounds to exercise in, whether physical, mental or spiritu…

I miss the wind

I got a little homesick for the Arctic today, when I was talking to a friend about the wind. I miss that sensation of being knocked right over by the power of it all.
Here are a few shots of central Baffin Island. It's truly a miraculous place. These photos were taken by Jethro, all except the arctic poppies. I shot those.

Beatty and Carden Coves again

A few more shots of the place I call home. Yes, I will have to turn on the gridlines so that my horizon won't come ouot crooked. I find it hard, now that I wear glasses, to see really well through the viewfinder. And with any kind of outdoor brightness, the larger screen is pretty well useless. Ciao!

I must get the manual out!

So here are a few of the many images I grabbed on today's hike. Beaty Cove via Carden Cove. The windy consitions guaranteed a few good surf shots. And the sun poked out at some opportune times (mountain ash berries). What a great day! But I need to sit down with the manual for this new camera and figure out the super macro.

Where we gravitate

A few years back I realized that every home I had bought and even most of the rental accomodations I managed to secure were always on the last street in town. Not too surprising maybe, given the list of interests over on the side of this blog page.

But still, for a person that has moved a lot, following the jobs and the wanderlust, it is still a bit remarkable, considering the small size of most of the towns. Not a lot of choice.

Each place has had a huge picture window that is my version of TV. Right now I face out onto Hawk's Ridge. Hawks and eagles circle lazily high atop the ridge. The hoot owls sing all spring and summer. Foxes and wolves venture onto our streets to see what the humans are up to. And best of all for me, the trail system begins right here.

I have been making friends with a gal in town who is the same as me in this respect. Whether conscious or subconscious, we gravitate to the place that feels right. A home is more than what is inside of it. It's the place w…