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Sunrise on a new loom

A sunrise is a beautiful thing, and recently they have been on my mind a lot. While at camp I easily see the sunrise each day. As the time to head back home approaches, I really miss my sunrise time. The above image is from the Arizona desert, but the colours really impressed me.

 An early season sunrise is portrayed in this photo taken at camp. You can see snow on the ground. And there is always a difficulty in taking good sunrise photos there, because the forest is still dark and the pictures generally come out underexposed. But you will find some nicer sunrise pictures on this blog if you search for them.

When it came time to think about what to do with the very plain wood of this new-to-me loom, I still had sunrise on the brain. This is the Rio Grande Kit Loom, or Rio Grande Walking Loom.

Since I bought it I have sanded it twice and stained it twice with the two shades of aniline dyes. There is one coat of a clear polyurethane on top.

I used a shade called yellow-gold-orange and …