O and O

O is for Orange. That seems to be the colour that I am gravitating towards this spring.

I can't explain it. Except that maybe I think it is a great contrasting colour to the greyish blue of the fencing and house trim. I've always pictured tiger lilies growing on either side of my basement windows at the front of the house.

So I started with the new shed, which needed some paint anyways on the bare plywood doors. What do you think? It actually drove me a little wild. thinking how nice that was. Spiced Tea is what the colour consultants at the paint company call it.

Then I was inspired to paint the front door. I had already planted some bright flowers in the half barrel, and so the next step was naturally a bright colour on the door. In a neighbourhood where the required colours (or should I say non-colours) are white, beige, light grey and ... white, beige and light grey... whi......... Just wait until those plantings really fill out!

And there was paint left in the can and the side door was the one that actually really needed painting. It leads from the deck into the kitchen. From the BBQ to the place of yummy food preparation. So again, a fitting colour for the promotion of a good appetite.

Sadly the second O is for my Olympus camera, which maybe just died from delight at seeing the orange. It won't turn on anymore, even with a new battery.
So maybe this is all a sign from above. Enjoy those new colours, revel in them, but please don't brag about them.


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