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First Eight Shaft Projects

So when I first got the Mighty Wolf loom with its eight shafts, I wove a long piece of cloth just to get the hang of it. I was using up all manner of yarn I had lying around. With the pattern draft and spacing I had selected, the very thickest cotton yarns turned out the best. So today I cut up the one long fabric into different pieces. I made a couple of tote bags. This first one I am calling Mocha Mint. I wove the outer fabric. The lining is linen I had left over from making drapes. The handles are made from the curtain tie backs and the striped strap I added to the handle is from a thrift store pile of ribbons and bands.
 You might not be able to see it on the blue bands, but on one the woven pattern is Xs and on the other one it is Os. One is the reverse side of the other. So I called this tote, Xs and Os.
And this is a little knitted piece I just finished. I had a little bit of green wool, and came across a pattern I quite liked. I just knit until I ran out of the green. Then I…