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New Blue

As happens all too often there is a large gap between my posts. Things are busy and sometimes there is nothing to share. But I have been busy and am feeling fine. 
In fact I am feeling really fine when I drive this new Colorado. We have called it the Bluebonnet Special! BS for short. Mr says he bought it for me, which is a sweet thing to say, but it is a vehicle for both of us. He will be selling our old truck and this will be the only one for use at Home South. I am looking for any excuse to go for a drive now. I adore the colour and the handling is perfect!
I am having trouble entering a space after the gas range photo, so here we go ahead of the photo. This purchase was a necessity. The old range was already when I moved into this house many years ago. And a couple of important things were not working anymore. So I found an early holiday sale and this lovely range came to live with us. I just love the variable burners. For someone like me who loves to cook, this was a vital upgrade…