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New Camera on the Way

So this image comes to you from a website that sells camera gear. Earlier this week I decided it was time to take the plunge and get a digital camera with a few more features. I especially wanted to be able to take good close up shots (which I can't do now with my existing digital). The model I am getting is a Canon Powershot S5 IS. Looks like it will do the trick. I especially love close up photography of things in nature. As a geologist and avid mineral collector I have specimens that are begging to be photographed. I even have the little studio set up already, a white box to help bounce the light around. And there' s lots of times that the rock shot I want to get is unatainable with the old fujifilm. I can do this with my Nikon SLR, but that is not was easy to get an image from film and onto the web. Anyone else enjoy close up nature photography? I challenge myself to get so close that the object is no longer easily recognizable. I am threatening to one day organize my old…

Lagoon Beach

Lagoon Beach was the destination tonight. I hadn't hiked down here before and a friend and her dog showed me the way. It's a great and easy walk (well, a couple of little hills to get down to the shoreline). The leaves are falling and turning gold, and they smell so good.

A little chill in the air meant that it was good to keep moving. Back home I covered the tomatoes, as I heard a low of 2 for tonight. Why chance it. There's lots of fruit on the plants, so I'd rather see then ripen outside.

Back to the rocks. Of course the Pleistocene glaciation is responsible for the smooth and polished appearance of the exposures. Around ten thousand years ago the huge ice sheets melted back and revealed the newly buffed surface of the planet. The bright orange colour on the surface is a type of lichen that favours iron-rich rocks.

And the shallow pools and divets were full of cobbles and pebbles, many that travelled hundreds of kilometres in those ice sheets. In both directions str…