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First weavings

First off, here is a bench cushion I made from the first fabric that came off the loom. All the pieces are from different variants on that first twill I played with. I do have some leftover pieces and as soon as I can get some more interfacing, I will make a tote bag from the remainder, plus a little wall hanging to remember Project Number One.

Now this is the second fabric I wove. It is also a twill pattern, but is a Point Draft and irregular. It was definitely more fun to weave. I had to concentrate more to follow the treadling pattern correctly. It was easy to see if I made a mistake in treadling and I learned how to repair mistakes! I also had threading mistakes and had to fix those right at the start. I am learning lots!

This third photo is just a close up of Project Number Two. It is off the loom now and is destined to become a table runner. I will put it on the counter between the dining room and family room, when we have our dinner parties. I will need to make a binding to …