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Skirting a fleece

Yesterday I was extremely lucky and got the call to come pick up a freshly sheared fleece. The owner told me it was a Fine Wool Type and my amateur investigations suggest this is a rambouillet fleece. The ewe was a huge gal, lovely in her Hill Country home range. The first photo shows the conversion of my laundry/clothesline platform to a skirting station. The fleece is in the green bag and must weight between ten to fifteen pounds.

Here is a random photo of the raw wool, straight off the sheep's back. All kinds of debris and dirt. What you can't feel or smell is the lovely lanolin that permeates all the fibers. Can you see the gorgeous crimp of the fibres?

 In skirting, one has to throw away the parts of the fleece that are too dirty or too damaged. So far I haven't found any damage and I can see this is a good, strong healthy fleece. The vegetative matter, feces, burrs, straw, etc all have to be hand picked out. Large sections at the rump and parts of the belly area …