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First Book

Pretty soon, within the month, this new publication will be "flying off the shelves". Yes that's me, the author. It will be the first entire book I have written. I was invited to and paid to write it, but best of all I had tremendous fun doing it. The best part for me was deciding on the content and how to arrange it into chapters.
It is being published by Inhabit Media and will be for sale through their website , and through the various big name book sellers online.
It's a technical book and unlike some other field guides that were published in this same series, I had to give more introductory chapters. It's true that most people do not learn much geology through grade school or highschool and so the "base level" of knowledge of the general public is very low. And this book is written at the level of a junior high school or high school student.
The most challenging thing about writing it was the decision of what minerals and r…