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Bright and I get to know each other

Well I decided on the name Bright for my new-to-me rug loom. The name came from a piece of contemporary jazz by Peter White that was playing while I was cleaning up this loom. The music was enchanting and the loom was glowing in the sunshine and lights.

Here is the bench that came with Bright. The legs were after market and just bare wood, a very white wood at that. Next to the mellow maple and mahogany it was too jarring to my eye. So two tones of teal fixed that for me. The belly bar on the chest beam also got the darker teal since it was also unfinished wood.

After playing with the treadles and establishing a shed on all lifts I was eager to get weaving. Yes I can make the sheds better, but for now I was keen to get going. I am using up piles of old yarn that has been around for awhile. The beige weft is alpaca and I matched it with a more greenish gold wool from a cone. Then the black/dark brown threads are a combo of wool and some cotton too and mystery stuff (four strands in tot…