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Booby Mushrooms

Self explanatory. I'm not a fungus expert. I can tell you that the rock shot is a nepheline syenite. The area is rife with them. And the mountain ashes put on a spectacular display. Great day. Wish you were here.

Wolf Camp Lake Hill

Today's adventure involved a little climb up a hill. See the little lake beside the highway, Yeah, from there. Going downhill was faster. Much. But what a gorgeous day and the colours were spectacular.
This is very close to where I live. In fact you can see the pulp mill in one image. And the town is right beside it.
Two gals, three dogs and two somewhat firmer tushies made the round trip. Have a great day everyone.

Pebble Beach

A few shots come to you tonight from Pebble Beach. I grabbed the new camera. It is set at the lowest resolution for now, in order to cram in a lot of test shots while I'm out hiking. I haven't had time yet to start in on the manuals. But the few things I've tried so far are pretty intuitive. The dogs were on leash and so yanking on my arm. So I think the broad lake shot is a little crooked. Whatever. It was a great walk and the sky was interesting.

On Being a Mermaid

I get asked a lot "what's it really like to be a mermaid?" I have to chuckle because it is not a straightforward answer. You see, to be able to spend significant amounts of time on the earth's surface amongst humans, I have had to accept some human charactteristics, frailties and foibles. the folks in charge don't want us gods and goddesses to attract a lot of attention.

So, basically I resemble you. I eat , sleep, hold down a job or three. I'm overweight, my tennis elbow hurts like stink sometimes and I live in a house.

Where the goddess part comes in is harder to explain. I am the Goddess of the Seas in the context of Lithuanian Mythology (just to be clear). There are a few of us around the globe, not unionized yet, but there are some rumblings. Basically I maintain that connection. Sea to man, man to the sea. Much of this is secret, so I can't divulge a lot. I do swim a lot and have to live beside... the Computer Died Entirely and the screen went a love…

Knit Knack Paddy Whack....

Okay, so the busy people stay busy. When do I have the time?? But mostly - I guess all my friends have been very busy, since babies are now popping out all over the place. The first yellow shawl here with the pink trim will be for baby Sophia. It still needs to be washed and blocked. This will fluff out the pink chenille a bit. The yellow is a slubby cotton and very silky soft. Course this one is a real finger trapper. Oh well. Looks nice. I may run some satin ribbon through the yellow loops.

This one is in case any baby mermaids come along. Just kidding. Relax. I am devising some sort of lacy trim to go around this now. Maybe in teal blue. It is actually made with a Canadian seaweed cellulose and wool yarn called Sea Wool. I would not lie to you.

See the red coat? Well, that's the design, but will be done in my fall leaves inspired colours. This one wil be for baby Tara. I am working with two yarns held together and knit together. The two are of different colours. When I feel it…

Confessions of a Mad Motorist

Don't try this at home Kiddies! I confess I had one hand on the steering wheel and one hand on the shutter release. These shots are form about a week ago as I headed to my camp. Too eager to get to camp, but wanting to grab a couple of snaps, this was a bit of an experiment. The top photo is the gorgeous Kama Hill Formation, red beds (mudstones, siltstones) of Proterozoic age, at the spectacular Kama hill. Workers were partway up the cliff, loosening off bits of slab, and heaving them onto the road below. So the traffic cones were there and we were crawling very slowly. The soil in this area is much more alkaline than usual in the boreal forest around here and so unusual plants are found, like chickory. The two other shots are granite and/or granodiorite exposures of Archean age. These are typical of the greenstone belts that plague this area. I think the second shot is just a bit east of Kama Hill area. The bottom shot is near the top of Ozone. That's an old railway siding …