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I am sure now that I suffer from OLAD. Obsessive Loom Acquisition Disorder. OK, so maybe I am not "suffering", but enjoying. Here is the grand unveiling of my third loom. This one is made by Schacht, a company based in Colorado. this particular model is called the Mighty Wolf. It sports a set of nifty wheels to make it portable. The eight shafts and ten treadles mean it can do more complex weaves than my other two looms. In terms of size, this one can weave cloth up to 36" wide. I couldn't wait to get the loom dressed. I found a pattern draft for an 8 harness loom so here's how it looks so far. I think my sett is too widely spaced. But for now I am more concerned about getting a feel for the working of the loom. You could say I am just goofing around. I suppose it is yet another OLAD symptom.