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Anchor in the North

Before we left camp in November 2011, there had been two lights snows. Autumn leaves were cloaked in white mantles. It wasn't cold and it wasn't stormy: an easy way to slide into winter.

Here is the camp road under the first mantle of snow. We walked the dogs and left our footprints in the still of the morning. Everything is so pretty, etched in snow.

Here is one of the two soapstone mermaids that I affixed to large boulders this past summer. One for sure is a Sedna image, because she is crying out in anguish after losing her fingers. In this image, the mermaid is sitting and waiting. I placed her on the rock, facing towards Texas, so she could know that we are on our way back.
Not yet, but soon we will return to the place that anchors our soul to this existence.