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Kill the Chimunks, quick

The holidays are upon us and the thing I hate the most are the carolling chipmunks that radio show producers feel we have to be subjected to. I immediately turn off the radio when the rodents come on. (hear that? Mr. Producer... I am not hearing your advertising anymore).

Well it's good to get the rant out of the way. What I love most about Christmas are the lights. Unfortunately there isn't any snow here to play off the twinkling displays. But there are sure some excellent home light displays around. I will cruise around tonight, after a fine dinner with friends, and check them all out. Thank you everyone who puts up lights.

I'd like to wish everyone a most Merry Christmas and a healthy and happy New Year. Cheers!

December Fourth Snow

Phew! I survived the monster snow that hit us hard on December fourth! In talking with the locals I found out it has snowed a total of seven times in the last 35 years. So I am very glad to have been here to witness time Number Seven. What you see here is the maximum snow level that was attained. About half an hour later it had all melted away. The Old Sage next door predicts there will be one ice storm later in the winter, probably January, with little icicles dripping from the trees. It's a little hard to imagine at this time. I was out bicycling again today in shorts and a T shirt. Apparently Christmas is upon us too. Freaky.

Earth and Sky Scarf

The Texas landscape is all earth and sky. The rich tan and grey earth colours at this time of year look fabulous with the clear blues of the sunny skies. It inspired me to create a wooly scarf pattern and then to share this with you all in as a little Christmas present. In the example above I am working with Ashford "Tekapo" a lovely New Zealand wool. It is a worsted weight and works up normally around 18 to 22 stitches gauge. And I have chosen two colours, the grey and the variegated blue to brown. Texas Earth and Sky Scarf Cast on multiple of 4 sts plus 1 (in my example 37 sts) USe two colours of yarn. Colour A: Row 1 - Knit 1 row. Colour A: Row 2 - P1, *(P3tog, K3tog, P3tog all in the same 3 sts), P1*. Colour B: Row 3 - Knit 1 row. Colour B: Row 4 - P3, *(P3tog, K3tog, P3tog all in the same three sts), P1*, P3. Repeat these four rows to create a scarf as long as you'd like. Fringe would be a nice touch too. Enjoy the pattern. It is very simple and a lovely pattern, wouldn&…