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The North is calling

I have been busy with closing down the house and packing things to take north with us. So there has not been a lot of time to do much crafts. This is about 12 oz of merino (Fat Cat Knits "Vancouver" colourway) that I just plied up. It is a three ply. I hope I have time today to skein it up. I intend to take this plus the rest of this fibre north and finish spinning it there. With a total of 2 lbs I can contemplate a larger knit or woven project.

Next time I write it will be from the north woods. I ache to be there and with the early spring I am itchy to get going.

I've had a busy winter season with lots of teaching and two craft shows. I did pretty well, and so am happy with it all. But I need to go and recharge my batteries now.