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Grain Mill

Here is the first thing I made with the flour I ground myself. It is the Italian Bread recipe that I make the most often. Really it is the leftover dough from a pizza dough that I love to make.
It turned out delicious. It was a very successful test of the new mill and the new grain.

 And the first pizza from the same dough as above. The crust was more flavourful than I am used to and have more of a crispiness which I love too.

 Here is the brute that did all the work. I received it in a swap from a friend who wanted my alto saxophone. This is very easy to use. My first whole grain experiment is with hard white wheat. I will probably use it most of the time for that. I set the coarseness to about one sixth of the way from the fine end of things.

And yesterday I made some tortillas with the same hard white wheat.
They eventually went into the making of chicken enchiladas. I also made a chunky guacamole for topping.

I am sure going to have fun with the grain mill. My favourite th…