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SANTA and the Marls

I have not stopped crafting or moving ahead with life, but merely wanted to keep the post with the looms at the top as long as possible. But it is unlike me to not be bragging about something, so here goes.
First of all, the holiday season has been here and gone. No snow again! Well it is Texas after all. Santa was spotted giving out gifts to deserving children.
There have been no big changes in my life recently. The winter guild is running strong this year and I spend a lot of time preparing notes and examples and patterns for that. We meet every two weeks and in between there are two social knitting clubs I attend weekly.
The kitchen is undergoing a remodel right now. I am doing it all myself and so this impacts quite a bit on how much spare time I have left over. I will post some pictures when it is done.
The other day a squirrel had got into the woodstove via the chimney. I lowered a thick rope down the chimney to affect an escape route and sure enough, I think within the ho…