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When neglect gives back, you listen

After neglecting my garden all summer, it's given me its all. Crazy. How does that work? Most people in town couldn't grow a toenail this year.....

Sure: I bought seeds and placed them in the ground. I watered them twice that first week. And then the rains came. Time to thin out seedlings came and went. Not done. I visited everyday with the garden, stole bites from it.

So now I have this large harvest. I'm forced to clean, process and store these riches, for when I'll need them. I can't let them rot now! Not after all that neglect.

Take a look in those neglected corners. See what you can find.

Out looking for yourself

This past week has been quite a remarkable one. I registered on an online dating website, and placed one tiny ad at another classified ad website. Presumably, the idea was to scope out the single men in the region, who like me, find themselves looking for new friends. Clearly I was immersed into a busy, populated world of interactions, full of smiling faces and the odd beefcake photo. Initially the response pulled me into a fuzzy zone. A little overwhelming to say the least. There are so many fabulous people in the same situation as you are. People worth getting to know or share a laugh with. The humour seems to be the unifying glue.

Well, the sleep patterns fell apart, there was fur growing in each food container in my fridge, and the dogs were looking wistfully out the window at other dogs being walked. (Okay, it wasn't quite that bad). But the online dating scene is both fascinating and mesmerizing.

The remarkable thing is what has emerged so far from this experience. It has tu…

Hats Galore

I'm mad about hats. There are a couple of my favourites. I could be the Amelda Marcos of hats. And me as the Queen of Iqaluit, Baffin Island. Resplendent in my sealskin parka and silver fox hat.

Dancing Fiend

Okay the raw me after dancing until 3 am (Oct 19). Still better than the pictures the dogs tried to take! I clearly recall my eyes feeling like I can see, yeah, they look that way too!