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Catalogne Ends Darned in

Today I sewed hems and darned in any ends.  Above is a towel I will use for my hair drying.   It still needs to be washed and pressed.  

Here is a glimpse at the completed catalogne.  It is about 90 inches long by 52 wide.  It still needs wash, dry and press.
And this puddles shot is to show that the fabric of the blanket has a lot of drape.  I was hoping it would.  That is why I inserted a lot of sections of thread weft.

Catalone weaving completed

This portion of the warp was excess and so I wove off a towel for my hair.  It still needs to be finished.  

And here are three pictures of the Catalogne just off the loom.   I had about thirteen warp threads break and so those need to be darned in.   Also if and where there were knots in the rags, they need to be untied and dealt with.  Edges where rag strips startted and ended need doing.  Then a good wash and dry cycle.

Stay tuned for the final shots. The weaving took less than eight hours.

More on my Catalogne Blanket

Here are a few more random shots of the progress. I am past the halfway point and now trying to reverse the sequence of the striping.  If and when I run out of one type of rag, which is a good thing when you love to recycle, I am switching to something close in colour.
This is definitely a fun weave.

My Catalogne Adventure Begins

Here are two images showing the start of my Catalogne.   This is my interpretation of a traditional Quebec blanket.

In the top image there is green waste yarn at the first margin.  Then I even found Phentex a neighbour gave me and that will work as a hem.   Then we move on to the blanket proper.

I started with white cotton threads and wove 3 cm. Then I went to some brown rag strips and wove three cm.  There is an alternation every three cm. I was told by a weaver experienced in making these blankets to alternate between rag sections and normal thread sections.  Otherwise the blanket could wind up too heavy and stiff.

After the yellow and blue rag I chose a medium blue rag.  I am making this up as I go. But I may try for symmetry after the midpoint. Then I could reverse the stripe sequence.  I hope there is enough of everything for that to work. I am using up stash yarns given to me.  So there is a finite amount on hand.

I am having fun with this project so far.