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On Growing a Boyfriend

So I'm back from A vacation trip and girlfriend V stopped by with news and laden with gifts. Just in time for Valentines Day she presented me with "Grow a ... Boyfriend". Simply immerse the wee dude into some water and just watch him grow into a boyfriend over the span of three days! She cleverly included a bouquet of roses (that may last longer than the boyfriend). So here is the BEFORE picture, after about 12 hours in water...
I wonder what he'll be like. Tall, handsome, witty, smart???? Hopefully a little more than just slimey.

Always listens..Is never late..Smells good..doesn't watch too much TV..Is always there for you.. Isn't this the sum total of what we gals are after? And at only $1.99 - a steal. Cross your fingers for me. Happy Valentines Day