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Bead Weaving

I don't think I have shown you some of the lovely loomed beadwork pieces I have on hand. My late husband made these and was an expert in the technique. I have also done a few small things and fairly soon I intend to warp up a little loom and try my hand at it again.

The first photo is a closeup of the piece he was working on at the time of his death. He had this design in his head (if you can believe it) so I am pretty sure that I won't be able to finish it. I also know for a fact that I do not have the eye/diligence/stamina to sort beads for uniform size like he did. So I think I will probably either just display this piece on the loom as is, or I might mount it and finish it at this point.

 Here it is from a little further back to give you a sense of scale. This would be considered a large piece to do on a loom. He had made bigger pieces though. Most of his work sold quickly and can be found around the world.

 This tropical fishie still needs to be mounted on some backing …