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Crystals so delicate

This is the remains of the pasque flower after spring time passes. It stays as a hairy dryad type thing until well into the fall. I love it when covered with rain drops. Stunning if I say so myself.
Sorry I can't stay to chat, but there is more loveliness in the garden and I need to go and enjoy it.

Okay, I hear 'ya!

Dear Knitters; Here you go. Two shots of the long overdue baby boy blanket. I wanted to do the double brioche stitch in narrow panels, so have made three. Two are the same and one is narrower. (by accident). Okay, so I was drinking just a little while doing this..... I was happy to get to the end of the brioche part and in the heat of the last few days, couldn't bear to have this wool fluffy "mat" on my lap anymore. So the bright blue is just a simple, very fast, single crochet around and then as a seam to join them. Then one final round all the way around the outer edge. I haven't blocked this, as it is all superwash wool. I don't think it will block. But I did steam press the edges a little. You see the variegated main wool has Teflon in it, and a little acrylic. The instructions suggest ironing to bring it back to life. It is also supposed to be stain resistant (we'll see how long it will take for Baby C to make this a fib). Even oil resistant. Well well we…

One good act deserves two more

This little charmer is a whiskey jack, otherwise known as a gray jay. Friendly guy. But my note today is about a black bear. I just don't have a great photo of one. So I was heading down to one of the beaches in town to walk my dogs tonight, when I noticed a three year old bear (or thereabouts: I am a geologist, not a bearologist). It was getting ready to tear into someone's camper that was parked there. As I drove up I honked my horn and circled the camper, chasing off the bear a short distance. As I turned the van to leave the area, I noticed a man walking out of the bush, not 20 metres from where I last saw the bear. As both of them had the lake behind them and me to the land side, they were in close quarters. I warned the gentleman and told him that his camper had been as risk. He thanked me and I drove away, contemplating another spot for a doggie walk. So, partway up the hill I stop and we set out for a hike around to another scenic lookout. There I found a van just pull…

A walk and reflections

This is my favourite place to go for walks with my dogs. Carden Cove. It's very close to town, on the shore of Lake Superior. It is so tranquil here, and usually not choppy. Last year the beach was a lot wider, but with all the rain earlier this summer, the Lake is up quite a lot. That's okay - there's still enough room for us to goof around. When my husband passed away my mother-in-love said that the hardest thing would be all the "firsts". By "firsts" she meant the first day back to work; the first Christmas; his first birthday. Having lost her husband some time ago, she knew this for a fact. And she's right. Today would've been my wedding anniversary. But instead of dwelling on the past and getting depressed, I'm getting ready to face my future. There's nothing I can do about what happened. What I can control is where I go from here. That's where my energy is going.