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Giving thanks

A simple thanks one day out of the year is never enough. I have a lot to be thankful for and the people who are close to me know that they are truly appreciated and loved. I am so grateful for everything they give me. Normally for Thanksgiving I invite someone or a few people who have no one else in their lives. Thankfully, this year I was unable to come up with a single person who is not with family and loved ones. Enjoy the harvest festival!

Trophy Brook Trout

This fishing charter happened back in June 2009 and was the culmination of a dream I've had for awhile. It came about as a first date actually. Caught some fish, but not the man! A brook trout fishing trip on Lake Nipigon and the Nipigon River. We were three days fishing.
This is a world class brook trout fishery with careful monitoring and controls . while on the water we were approached and filled out a creel survey.

And scenic beauty galore. We camped in tents on the river and had food provided by the guide.

You must have a very experienced guide to fish here due to very strong currents and a large hydro dam project.

Also, a good guide will get you onto the fish!

Scene of an island on Lake Nipigon.

As we head south to the first dam. We couldn't have asked for better weather.

People will give me heck for not recalling exactly all the lengths and weights. I caught less fish than the boys but mine were all the best.

In three days I caught three brook trout and they were all trophy…