Shibori-Style Crimp Cloth III

And here is the exciting final installment regarding the crimp cloth scarf. I left you hanging, literally. In the above photo the steamed cloth is cooling and drying outside on the clothesline. The drawing threads are clearly visible.

Once dry I snipped and pulled the bright yellow threads out. And I finally got to see that, YES!, the crinkles in the cloth are set in place.  It worked!

Why am I washing again? Well  most weaving yarns are sold with a sizing product applied to the yarn to make them slick and behave well. That needs to be washed out. The red silk threads also wanted to bleed out a little pink juice.

Back to the clothesline. You can definitely see the texture of hills and valleys. some ridges are longer than others and that is due to the pattern draft. The colours are divine.

The final steps involved pressing the ruffle portion at either end and creating a narrow hem. No rocket science here. Fold, press and machine stitch.

 Fold, press and fact it is good old hem stitching in the end.

And the reveal! Here I am wearing it one way. It is doubled throughout its length here. I have to say it feels very nice around the neck.

The other option if to wrap it numerous times around and around. I am going to enjoy wearing this scarf and be proud of the fact I made  it. Yes.... I have more similar projects in the works already.


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