Shibori-Style Crimp Cloth II

Continuing on with the crimp cloth scarf project.... here it is freshly off the loom. Boy it is pretty just the way it is!

Check out the lovely lustre of the fabric. It was a joy to weave. At this point I sat down to darn in a few ends of weft (where I had changed bobbins).

This image is showing the beginning of the drawing in process. You can also see the ruffle potion that will not be crimped. The hems are not yet sewn in, but there is a line of zig zagging there.

All drawn up and tied into knots. I have not measured this scarf but it is between six and seven feet long.

And now the project moved into the kitchen. Boiling water is in the bottom of the pot. A cheesecloth hammock will hold up the tied fabric.

The scarf is arrayed on top of the cheesecloth and ready for its sauna treatment.

The lid went on and the steam worked its magic. Right now I have the result hanging off the clothesline drying out. Stay tuned to this blog for the exciting conclusion.


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