Colour Play

 Well the starting point for most of these fibers was from some inexpensive Kool-aid dyed mystery wool I bought at a shop. At the Guild meeting the other day we played with this on the drum carder and with the hackle. First we took red and yellow to make orange. From left to right the bundles are: one pass, two passes and then three passes through the carder. You can see how more blended it got each time.
 Most of this product went to one of the gals so she could spin it up at home. This was dizzed of the hackle. One pass.
 The lustrous white in this shot is pure silk. Oh what a lovely touch. A little silk goes a long way.
 For another experiment we decided to try to make a colour to match something in the room. My earring (puau shell) was suggested. So there's the earring in the middle. Too bad about the high reflection off the earring, but you get the idea. We pretty much nailed it.
I might have to card a few more batts of this because I do quite like it.


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