Catching Up

Well I have been trying to wait for sunny days for this photography but even when the forecast calls for clear weather, we don't have it! So in an attempt to catch up a little with some finished objects and things still underway, here goes.
Seeing as how we were trapped indoors for a couple of days (felt much longer) by freezing rain, I spent part of one day re-organizing the gear. Yes I seem to do this a lot. As new equipment arrives, and I start to use it, I determine where the lighting is the best and other factors play a role too. In this case, I want to be able to use the same weaving bench at either loom. So the Medico (back) and the Artisat are now side by side.

Here is a limited image of the overshot I am attempting. I haven't woven enough length yet with the same weft threads to really show much. As with all my weaving forays I am learning a lot as I go.
These batts are from some wool fiber that has been dyed with koolaid. I carded them just once, in preparation for a class on Color Blending this week. Since I took this photo I received a shipment with 18 more colors! I think this could be a lot of fun.
Here is the trusty old Ashford drum carder. I love watching the colored fiber roll on to the big drum. Even better will be the blending effect!
You can see the gorgeous drape from this photo but I could not capture the true colors. I blame the lack of sunshine. This variegated twill design came off the big Nilus II loom and still is a work in progress. I need to perform all the finishing and actually determine what I will make with this yardage.
This chunk is a lacy bit knit with seacell and wool. It is too small to be a shawl on its own. I need to devise a border for it to have more physical and visual weight.
 Here is the detail of the cluster stitch from a recent shawl project. Even though I carefully checked my yarn quantity (and length) against the published pattern, I ran out of the main color wool. Leftover darker burgundy from the blanket project below (itself left over from a cabled sweater project) stepped in admirably to finish the job.
Here is the completed shawl. It sits very nicely on the shoulders and does not fly off.
And recently off the blocking board is a fun slip-stitch knitted blanket. Here is a close up of the crocheted border detail. Some of the yarn has sequins in it for a little extra sparkle.

The blanket is a very generous lap blanket size, potentially very good for two people to snuggle under.
There are other things underway: preparation for a craft fair, as well as the never ending teaching sessions to keep me busy.
Stay tuned.


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