Some of the changes

At camp this year BS and I did a lot of work and made a lot of changes. Here are a few of them.

Starting with major tree felling and stump pulling. The land is being levelled out a little and views to the lake being opened up. Here is the studio with new lights, ceiling fan, and curtains along the north wall that hide storage.

Many trees were cut down this year and won't go to waste. Look at all the firewood. And this is only one pile of three!

A new propane tank means I will never run out of fuel at an inopportune time! Even the BBQ is now hooked up to this monster.

The new marina! OK so it is a simple dock. But what an improvement over the old dock, which is floating in the distance at the end of the new one.

Event he old shed got a new lease on life with a new metal roof. Oh there is still lots to do but we made a great dent in the list!


  1. I just signed up on your group on Ravelry and wanted to come look at your blog. Is this a summer camp? It is really neat looking. I thought it would make a neat place to have a retreat. Is this in the Hill Country of TX? Or where. Good to meet you and looking forward to getting to know you on the Ravelry group.

  2. Hi B Y, It's a summer place for me now but I can live there year round. Mind you the long road in is not routinely plowed! It is in Northwestern Ontario!
    Thanks for checking out my blog! Sometimes I put knitting here too.


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