What it felt like

My final days in Texas I camped at Colorado Bend State Park. The river is very low here, following several months of drought. Right after this photo was taken it began to pour rain and thunder for my final three days. Camping in THAT was fun. Okay, not so fun for dogs that hate thunder.
Resourceful ranchers know how to keep the oats coming up!

This doll is Sigi in amongst the Indian Paintbrush. Too bad I left before I could see the new flush of flowers and growth after the few days of rain.

Prickly pear cactus (I think). It is ubiquitous. Yesterday a flip flop fell out of my van and into the snow and stuck to the sole are several cockle burrs. Little nasty balls of spikes. They are picked up on human and dog paws and cause the dogs to walk on three legs. Oh, and I saw a flattened road-killed snake one day. Pretty red, black and ivory. After that I flipped through a poisonous snakes of Texas book and saw that it could've been any of a large variety of nasty beasts. I clearly have things to learn.

And this morning sunrise was captured at Enchanted Rock State Park. It is where I started my days in Texas. Deer surrounded the tent routinely to the point where the mighty hunting dogs stopped barking at them after a short time. The Rock is a rounded dome of granite that rises prominently from the surrounding land.
It felt so good to be at a place that was both comfortable and mysterious.


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