And what was it that I heard?

First of all, each day I was greeted by a myriad of songbirds. This is in March. How wonderful. Early evening brought out the doves and the rummaging armadillos. At night I could hear coyotes communicating across valleys.

The wind rustling through the leaves spelled out a welcome that I could not mistake.

My tires crunched over many gravel roads, caliche packed trails and nicely paved roads. The automatic gears got a bit of a workout on some of the hills.

The people of the Hill Country are wonderfully warm and inviting. Each gas station attendant and waitress was proud of his or her community. Many introduced themselves and shook my hand. I feel very welcome to come and make it my home.

Each and every day, from each roadside I could hear that this land will be a good fit for me.


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