Rose Quartz Spheres

Saguaro cactus just west of Tucson. In places the cactus is quite dense and resembles a strange forest. Some of these cacti can live for a couple of hundred years, and I'm told they are protected.
Typical scene inside one mineral and bead venue. What you don't see is the line up at the till we witnessed that stretched for a good 20 to thirty metres! If you were looking to buy inexpensive stone or mineral beads, this was the place.

A stunning table for your dining room or board room of the most gorgeous petrified wood. At a mere 50,000 US it could be yours. Sadly, a little too large for the motor home, so we had to leave it behind.

The rose quartz spheres caught my eye. Simple and beautiful. The largest one there is significantly larger than a bowling ball. And you can see my great cowboy hat reflected in them...

Bisbee residences climbing the cliffs. This is a town I will have to return to one day - to get better acquainted with the town and people. Lots of artists make this town home now and galleries abound through the main streets. I found a great carved jewellry box, silver belt buckle and woven cotton serape at a vintage and antique shop. The town is situated in the SE corner of Arizona, very close to the Mexico border.


  1. Those spheres are beautiful - the sort of thing I always like, but then can't think exactly where I'd put them. And they are just so great piled up like that.


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