Desert snows

Here I am back in Marathon, dressed for winter and snow! But the memories of snow in the desert cling like a nylon dress on a dry day.
This apparition was observed in the Mexico border town of Bisbee. Yes, those are ceramic and stone tiles glued to the sides!

The lovely mountains just east of Tucson displayed a new colour this day.

And a drive up to Kitts Peak Observatory found us back into the snow zone.

Brrr. Not a day to be out there in shorts and flip flops. But there's no telling Some People.

Indignant autos.

Holy. This was the first hint that something was amiss. Snow covering the palms and the cacti. I came all the way to southern Arizona for this???? Actually, it was novel and interesting to watch the locals rushing around all bundled up. The one day a year that snow falls in Tucson and I happened to be there. Neat-o.


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