Okay, here are the goods

More shots from the Tucson Gem and Mineral show. Honestly, I ran by this one and failed to inquire as to the mineral. Lovely though. My guess is pyromorphite.
And this is a typical scene of some of the tent trade shows. Mixed in with the small tents are some giant ones. And usually there is a community hall or sportsplex invilved as well. In other cases the venues are based at prominent hotels, and many of the guest rooms open up thier doors, beco,ming exhibit and trade show venues. Ballrooms, conference rooms, foyers,... are all full of displays.

My friends know I am a knit addict and collect yarn as I travel. In Arizona I picked up this new yarn: Araucania's sugar cane (100%) yarn "Ruca" , otherwise known as taly. I don't know if I could tell it apart from bamboo yarn. Simply lovely and I can't wait to get this onto the needles. I would say the colours are a little livelier than what is presented in the photo.

Now this dreamy yarn is by Cascade Yarns, called Alpaca lace. It is 100% baby alpaca and invites touching and being against the skin. It has to become a camisole or some such luxury item. The softest undershirt in the world maybe.

The desert colours caught my eye first with this product. Also by Araucania, it is called "Ranco". composed of 75% wool and 25% polyamide, I think it would have a super drape. I think a vest out of this would be special, or maybe a big basic shawl. Something rugged.


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