Where we gravitate

A few years back I realized that every home I had bought and even most of the rental accomodations I managed to secure were always on the last street in town. Not too surprising maybe, given the list of interests over on the side of this blog page.

But still, for a person that has moved a lot, following the jobs and the wanderlust, it is still a bit remarkable, considering the small size of most of the towns. Not a lot of choice.

Each place has had a huge picture window that is my version of TV. Right now I face out onto Hawk's Ridge. Hawks and eagles circle lazily high atop the ridge. The hoot owls sing all spring and summer. Foxes and wolves venture onto our streets to see what the humans are up to. And best of all for me, the trail system begins right here.

I have been making friends with a gal in town who is the same as me in this respect. Whether conscious or subconscious, we gravitate to the place that feels right. A home is more than what is inside of it. It's the place we base our explorations out of.


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