A Playground for Gaudi

Not so long ago, this magical playground appeared beside the lake near my house. An organic form, rising out of the imported sand, it stunned me when I first saw it.

And today, as I stood there in the raw chill wind, my thoughts raced to the spring when snotty nosed kids would be squealing all over this thing. And a thing it is.

I imagine Antoni Gaudi, the architect of magical designs in Barcelona, would've played here. Born in 1852, his unique approach to architecture is much admired. Three constructions stand out: La Sagrada Familia, a fantastic temple which has been under construction for 126 years and has another 30 to 80 to go!; Park Guell, with it's colourful tiled monster and mushroom like buildings; and the sea inspired apartment Casa Batlo.

Too bad I am goddess sized and can't clamber over these pegs and nets. I may not have ever been small enough to do so... but I digress. We all need such imaginative playgrounds to exercise in, whether physical, mental or spiritual.

So as my snotty nose required I return home, I smiled at the thought of the kids who will just love this playground. And if I could confer with Gaudi, I think he would agree with me, the children will bring the colour to this construct, which is the only thing it lacks right now.


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