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Okay, I know many of you are doubting that I am a geologist. I never write about it here. So here's a few fly by shootings. Once the house is renovated and organized, I'll try to set up my new close up studio. In the meantime, yeah, I have a few rocks and things lying around.

The man in the core is extremely special to me. I found him one day (or he found me) logging core in Northern Manitoba. The rock is an Archean gneiss. It forms the country rock to the deposit we were investigating, and as such, we logged through this stuff with ultimate speed and brevity. But this day I felt that I was no longer alone in the core shack. I looked all around me. Spooked, I checked all the doorways. I came back to the core and for some reason flipped over this piece of core. And there he was. He has travelled with me everywhere since our chance meeting. My little micaceous Mexican.

And I'll make an effort to write some posts about geology. I promise.

Rather than list all the mineral and rock names, just ask.


  1. These are amazing. The non-geologists would love labels and explanations, too.

  2. Whoa.. they're so cool! And it's so cool that you're a geologist.. :)


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