On Being a Mermaid

I get asked a lot "what's it really like to be a mermaid?" I have to chuckle because it is not a straightforward answer. You see, to be able to spend significant amounts of time on the earth's surface amongst humans, I have had to accept some human charactteristics, frailties and foibles. the folks in charge don't want us gods and goddesses to attract a lot of attention.

So, basically I resemble you. I eat , sleep, hold down a job or three. I'm overweight, my tennis elbow hurts like stink sometimes and I live in a house.

Where the goddess part comes in is harder to explain. I am the Goddess of the Seas in the context of Lithuanian Mythology (just to be clear). There are a few of us around the globe, not unionized yet, but there are some rumblings. Basically I maintain that connection. Sea to man, man to the sea. Much of this is secret, so I can't divulge a lot. I do swim a lot and have to live beside...
the Computer Died Entirely and the screen went a lovely mauve colour. Not the Blue Screen of Death but mauve. I rebooted and am back. But this is a sign from those in charge that I am going where I shouldn't with this. Bye for now. Sorry


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