Confessions of a Mad Motorist

Don't try this at home Kiddies! I confess I had one hand on the steering wheel and one hand on the shutter release. These shots are form about a week ago as I headed to my camp. Too eager to get to camp, but wanting to grab a couple of snaps, this was a bit of an experiment.
The top photo is the gorgeous Kama Hill Formation, red beds (mudstones, siltstones) of Proterozoic age, at the spectacular Kama hill. Workers were partway up the cliff, loosening off bits of slab, and heaving them onto the road below. So the traffic cones were there and we were crawling very slowly. The soil in this area is much more alkaline than usual in the boreal forest around here and so unusual plants are found, like chickory.
The two other shots are granite and/or granodiorite exposures of Archean age. These are typical of the greenstone belts that plague this area. I think the second shot is just a bit east of Kama Hill area. The bottom shot is near the top of Ozone. That's an old railway siding in the area. Named Ozone because, yes, there is often another climatic regime at that high elevation! Most people will know this area as Cavers' Hill. Nice fluorite crystals can be dug out of narrow vugs here and there. It's the longest hill along the part of the North Shore that I drive routinely. Mostly shady that day, but the spectacular roadcuts on either side hug you as you cruise through.


  1. Silver Fox, you've got it! I saw the pictures and expected a story about roadbuilding or increased traffic in an otherwise pristine area -- instead I got information that made me realize that there are large chunks of the world I don't know anything about. And the Mermaid doesn't even have to bone up on this stuff before she writes it!


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