Knit Knack Paddy Whack....

Okay, so the busy people stay busy. When do I have the time?? But mostly - I guess all my friends have been very busy, since babies are now popping out all over the place. The first yellow shawl here with the pink trim will be for baby Sophia. It still needs to be washed and blocked. This will fluff out the pink chenille a bit. The yellow is a slubby cotton and very silky soft. Course this one is a real finger trapper. Oh well. Looks nice. I may run some satin ribbon through the yellow loops.

This one is in case any baby mermaids come along. Just kidding. Relax. I am devising some sort of lacy trim to go around this now. Maybe in teal blue. It is actually made with a Canadian seaweed cellulose and wool yarn called Sea Wool. I would not lie to you.

See the red coat? Well, that's the design, but will be done in my fall leaves inspired colours. This one wil be for baby Tara. I am working with two yarns held together and knit together. The two are of different colours. When I feel it is time for a colour change, I drop one strand and start a second one of a third colour. Then eventually I drop the second colour and start a fourth. I like the more subtle colour gradations. The colours are brighter than in the photos. And this is a superwash wool, so it will be warm, yet machine washable.

....give the kid a shawl....


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