Siren Song

So how does one go about launching into dating when you haven't been dating, oh, for about 30 years? I'll tell you it begins with a shock. At first there is a sudden realization that you are single once again. You realize that there are fellows starting to sniff around and in some cases making advances. I think a month went by before it struck me that this was happening. Then I felt like a teenager again for a couple of weeks.
A little time went by and the head came out of the clouds and I was rationally able to realize that I am in fact now single. Available. Maybe even desirable.
This mermaid is going to have to ease into the dating game once again. But I am looking forward to it with some excitement. And why not? I'm not dead yet.


  1. Hi ! Im brand new to this.. I hope I can make my blog site as neat as yours. Yours is great.

    take care !


  2. Hi. thnx for the response !!!

    Im so new at blogging, I havent thought of a topic yet!

    I have a good part of writing a historical fiction novel done. But it is so slow to do, very time consuming. I will check out that site you mentioned, thanks !

    I need to get my blog site setup, it looks terrible right now, very bland. Yours has a lot, like you put a lot of effort into it.

    Thanks again for responding.



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