Rockin' Around the Neighbourhood

A couple more shots of my neighbourhood. Nice spot eh? I love the North Shore of Lake Superior and am so very happy living here. Get a load of the scenery.
You'll have to pardon the grainy quality, but if I ever find the time I will try to re scan these old old slides with brand new technology. I'd rather be hiking.
The upper image is a very typical shot of the coastline around here. Rocky, sometimes brutally barren, storm wracked, stunningly beautiful.
The second shot is of the Sea Lion, a famous rock formation from Sleeping Giant Provincial Park. A diabase dyke has resisted erosion to remain as a strong, competent wall, even as the softer sedimentary rock around it has crumbled away. I will try to find some pics I have of this from over a hundred years ago and you'll really see the lion's head in those old black and whites. (yes, I took those shots too!! I am immortal after all = Goddess of the Seas)


  1. beautiful pictures! I really like them! and very nice set up blog!


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