We're Almost There!

Time to celebrate! the dogs and I have almost hiked 1000 kilometres since August 8, 2007. Today's total is 995.8 km.

At work an "Olympic challenge" was made for employees to hike, swim, canoe, ski,... all the way to Beijing. Piece of cake. I think a small group of us had that total done in under a month!

Then some Einstein decided we'd keep hiking and go to Vancouver. I'm not sure via which continent, because some ludricrous total of 12, 700 and something kilometres was posted. Well, never mind. We smashed through that one too, maybe two months ago.

So now we are wandering aimlessly around the planet. A few of us are getting tired, but will press on to the 1000 kilometre goal. Wonder what we will find at the end.

Maybe some epsom salts for achy feet?


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