Special Bouquet

This delicate bouquet goes out to all my friends who are afflicted with breast cancer right now. One woman has fought this disease now for years and is doing well now on new drugs. Two other friends have the same kind of cancer (pancreatic) , and found out about it at about the same time, less than a year ago. They have not met and in fact live at opposite sides of the continent. But they are corresponding and sharing their ups and downs.

How can it be that I have zoomed up to the age where we are all developing these problems? A heart attack took my husband. Other friends and acquaintances stuggle with MS (two), and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (amongst other ailments). The list goes on from there.

Soon I too will inherit some disease and will adjust to live with it. It's natural selection. Some will learn to live with it, others will not. How come? Some will conquer it, some will not. It is not fair. Some still have so many reasons to live.


  1. Or maybe you'll be the lucky one who doesn't get anything and survives through a happy and spunky old age! I wish it for you.


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