Crazy for Coffee

So today's a big day in more ways than one. First of all, my lovely neighbours gave birth to their first today, a fabulous baby boy. Amazing. Congrats and I wish them all the very best. I saw the new Grandma already and gave her a big old hug.

Second, I've decided that 1001.9 kilometers is a good place to stop, in the Olympic Health challenge. (see previous post). That's it. No more keeping track and submitting the amount hiked.

Third, it's not raining. And this is a major milestone, let me tell you. Lake Superior is filling up so much it is sloshing over the top and spilling out onto the floor. Oh wait, that's me in the whirlpool!

And fourth, but not least, today I received my new expresso machine. What a day, I tell you. Here's the picture of it, on the right. To the left is a milk frother. You put cold milk into it and in about 30 seconds you have a pot ful of frothy hot milk. Too wild. Now the true blessing is this coffee maker. Incredible is the only way I can describe the taste. I ordered several kinds of coffees and so far have tried a medium blend in a Lunga (large cup). And I made a decaf cappuccino. Oh my. Who said there is no substitute for sex? I have never had expresso with such a lovely crema (which helps to keep the volatiles in the cup) and such great smooth taste.

And I can't believe how simple it is to use. This model comes with capsules already stuffed with the coffee. Pop the capsule in the top. Put cup in place. Press button. Wait 30-40 seconds. And then the heavenly coffee is all yours.

And for the knitterly crowd, here is the brioche stitch I am working up into a blanket for the new aforementioned baby. The yarn is called Klassik by Schoeller & Stahl. 60% Superwash wool and 40% polyacryl. And the teflon is there in tiny amounts, invisibly coating each wool fibre. The label says steam-ironing refreshes the teflon coating. So this kid can try to make a mess. No worries.
the world just became a better place today. And you're here. Thanks.


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