The busy knitter

This busy crafter has also been busy knitting. I know I have not shown any finished projects in awhile. But a few things are underway.

 First we have a series of strips I started to knit in Canada. I have about three or four of each colour. The stitch pattern is a ruffled edging called Bell Edging I from one of the Walker Treasuries. Here's my idea. I am going to join the strips and mix the colours up. Then the long strip will be sewn up in a spiral fashion (maybe to a base tube) to form wristlets. I feel like going very dramatic and make them long to go over the elbows. If I have enough strips I want to make a Victorian ruff collar and even maybe a muff. These are wool yarns and all scraps left from other projects.

This blue yarn is a silk and wool blend. I started this at camp too and what you see is the back of a pullover. It will be for me, in a very mermaid friendly colour. I am partway up the second torso piece.

Up close and personal, this is a mohair lace piece I am currently working on. The project is for a guild class in February. It is a cowl and the pattern is a lovely Circle of Love Lace Cowl, by Evelyn A. Clark.  I am using a brown mohair/silk yarn and you might be able to make out the heart shaped motifs in it.

It really is very lightweight and will make a good accessory piece.

This grey piece is the start of a shawl using some handspun I made. It is a really luxurious grey mohair boucle. It was one of the most fun things I ever spun and I thought I better get busy and make something out of it. And since I sold a bunch of my boucle handspun, I wanted to have a piece for myself with it. At first I was knitting something up which was going to have a mix of yarns in it, and including this boucle. But I changed my mind and just want it to shine on its own.

Over to the spinning wheels and there is some dyed Polwarth on the Lendrum right now.  It is shades of teal and bronzy brown. I am looking forward to making a three ply and then weaving with this yarn. I want to make a cushion cover for my rug loom bench from this.

And back to weaving....some bookmarks that are happening on the Little Dude. There are more projects going but for now I've shown you enough.


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