rocks, logs and dirt

Well you know that the other half of the equation does not ever sit still. A lot has been going on here with the landscape and with building stuff.
 Here is a view from across Turtle Bay of what 20 loads of gravel look like atop our landing. The footprint of the landing has not changed. But we have jacked up the elevation by almost two feet. The flooding of our lake is happening with more frequency (every year for some years) and we were unable to use our landing or dock,
 Wouldn't you know it the lake has been dropping markedly every day since this gravel was brought in. I believe this is unusual for late July and early August.
We can't seem to get a break with consistent water levels . We might have to take the big boat out of the water soon or else we might not be able to tie up at the dock anymore.

Here is the generator shack being built. BS is using his engi-nerding experience to make something that will keep the new generator protected from rain. Also it will quiet down the noise. Contrary to some generators in this area, ours will be very quiet. 

We do know how to have fun. Here is the evidence. 


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