Is it August already?

 So here we are in August already and finally I got to my Mighty Wolf loom and fired off a project. I still need to wash this fabric and hem it. I think it will be a baby blanket for a new special baby.
 The warp threads are aqua perle cotton in a 5/2. The weft is a slubby boucle that I think is synthetic and is 2/16. There is a bit of an iridescence to this cloth.
The draft is a point twill on 8 shafts. I love the wavy aspect. It was an easy treadling, that's for sure.
I can't wait to see this one finished.

 The fox that trots across our property (its territory) likes to stop near the solar shed and have a little snooze in the morning. It catches the early rays of sun there. Here she was washing her paws and scratching the top of her head.
After this episode of scratching it rolled onto its back and wiggled around like a puppy dog.


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